PowerCom Solutions, LLC

PowerCom Solutions, LLC specializes in the field of Lightning Protection Systems and Surge Suppression products and their application in both Residential and Commercial Structures. We are certified by: Underwriters Laboratories (UL Installer #E84707), Lightning Protection Institute (LPI Master Installer #854 and LPI Master Installer/Designer #1526). All projects are designed to meet the latest editions of the following Lightning Protection Standards: UL96A, UL96 (components), LPI-175 and NFPA 780.

Our Staff consists of several highly skilled individuals with the knowledge, skills and experience to design and install quality lightning protection systems in a timely manner. Our estimating team provides customers with reasonable quotes in a timely manner. Our design team has been tested and certified by the Lightning Protection Institute (LPI) to ensure that our designs meet the most current and stringent standards for the installation of Lightning Protection Systems in the U.S. Our installation crews are Lift certified, Fall Protection trained and several are OSHA 30 certified. All staff members of PowerCom Solutions, LLC take pride in our work to provide you with a quality, aesthetically pleasing and fully functional Lightning Protection System and/or Surge Protection in a timely manner.